Monday, March 31, 2008

Ramblings: A few of my favorite things

Slow weekend really, Saturday was jsut filled with hanging out with folks who come by the house and stuff and such. Played some Brawl, COD4, and attempted to watch Rocky Balboa.
Sunday, we did end up watching Rocky Balboa all the way through, and man, i still love that movie. It never gets old to me.
Theres 3 types of movies i like: Shootemup Action (Shooter, Shootemup, John Woo stuff), Genuinely funny movies (and not jsut dumb cheap ha-ha movies like 'Are we there yet?'), and Motivational Dramas (Radio, Beautiful Mind). If its anything else, ill pass. Ive tried em all and got bored at alot, and would rather not feel like im wasting time better spent doing something else i enjoy more.
So i watched I Am Legend with Will Smith last night with a bunch of friends. Again, i should mention there is 1 thing i cherish more than anything: The Experience. And First Impression and Lasting Impressions and Thought Process on First Runthrough are all an intregal part of that experience for me. Even if its a movie ive seen a billion times over, i still prefer the correct optimal experience for my viewing pleasure.
So when the movei was being piched to me, the guys tried their absolute damndest to get me interested in seeing what sounded like just another zombie flick to me, and i finally caved, but i demanded the 'experience' and in order for me to enjoy a movie liek this thoroughly, i need to watch it in the evening, with some friends for entertainment value (and if i have any pressing questions), , and some food (preferrably pizza and pop).
So the whole day goes by and everyone is all "lets watch the damn movie now" and im like "sorry dude, were watching it tonight, If anybody wants me to enjoy the damn thing liek they really want me to, i have to see it when im not going to sit there and pick it apart and make fun of it, when it could genuinely be an awesome movie" as, im no movie watcher. im interetd in Interactive Entertainment, and this 'mood' even stems into the type of games i play, and when theres a cutscene i want to make sure im going to thoroughly enjoy it.

its.. very complicated to say the least, and not alot of people understand it, but im insanely picky about my experience while trying to be entertained. Hell, the Rambo movie in theaters, i even prepared myself for those. Rocky in the same way. hell even with Bloodrayne the Movie from Uwe Boll, it was jsut the perfect setting for it, and i found myself enjoying what has critically been acclaimed as a complete bombshell of a movie. its all about the experience people, sometimes, content just doesn't matter nearly as much.

So after waiting for so long, and going through all that trouble of getting shit setup and ready to go, we finally pop it in. About 3/4 in the movie, im REALLY enjoying it, having a good time, getting really into it, and then ouor friend Rae came downstairs as shes just come back from her trip.
"Oh i saw this movie! ".

...ya. I was pissed. In a split second the ending was completely ruined for me. Everyone else looked insanely frustrated as well. When i asked "Why would you do that?" and her response was "Cause i can" and gleefully skipped away out of sight.
The room was stunned. But w continued watching anyways, and i continued to enjoy myself. Despite the fact that the ending was no shocker, anymore.
so then after the movie, we watche dthe alternate ending, and it felt liek complete and utter cheese.

The moral of the story is: Dont blatantly ruin anything for anyone. Its simply not fair and just plain cruel.
If the response is "Oh but its so obvious" NO. What maybe obvious to some, may not be obvious to others.
They're called twists for a reason people. You never know when they come, how they come about, and what itll bring. Thats the whole FUN of WATCHING a PRODUCTION.

Yeh im still angry, yeah shes apologizzed to me, and yeah i took it. But goddamnit, that could have beaten some of my top favorite movies, which i base solely on first impression and lasting value. First Impressions are crucial to the enjoyment experience, if that sucks, it may as well never be given the time of day.

My top 10 favorite movies (may be inaccurate):

10. The Rock
9. Shootemup
8. Clerks 2
7. The Rescuers
6. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
5. You know what, im throwing I Am Legend right here , ill be damned if im going to let the fact it was ruined for me sway my thoughts on it.
4. The Incredibles
3. A Beautiful Mind
2. Rocky Balboa
1. Rambo 4

Rambo 4, is by far one of the most satisfying productions ive ever seen. If its any indication, its the only movie in my life, ive gone to see twice in theaters. Both times completely willingly and my idea.

im not a movie buff, nowhere close, but i knows what i likes. And you wont find any star wars, star trek, harry potter, lord of the rings, or hell een the Matrix on my list. They are all good movies dont get me wrong, im not into them.
To any and al wanting to try and sway my opinion on that: forget it. It wont happen.


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