Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tactics: Brawl - Mr. Game and Watch

Game and Watch is special. For what he lacks in frames, he makes up for in Power and Unpredictability. Its no secret, game and Watch is HARD to watch. Alot of his moves are sudden and come in first frame with little to no anticipation, while alot of his much deadlier moves have but a single keyframe of animation before blowing the opponent away, making him one of the scariest characters in the game to be against. you just never know what hell do next. Game and Watch is my main that im most effective with, and mostly for the above reasons.
Sure he looks funny and sounds funny with all the primitive LCD bells and whistles, and can very easily be written off as a joke character to those who haven't seen his true capabilities. But jsut as the saying goes: Don't judge a book by its cover.

LCD games have always scared me, now i know why.

Let me make this clear though: These are my strategies and opinions, and mine alone. Of course different playstyles exist and of course different opinions on moves are evident. nothing here is concrete, im just going by what works for me.

With the disclaimer out of the way, let get on with it:

Name: Mr. Game and Watch
First Appearance: Fire (i think)
Smash bros: Melee
Changes: Not much, has a couple new moves, most are pretty preserved though.
Affiliates: None
Rivals: Mario
Final Smash: Giant 'Oil Panic' Octopus
Level: Flat Zone (Melee), Flat Zone II (Brawl)
Watch out for: Adult Link

Strats Coming soon, this is merely filler

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