Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ramblings: Salt and Vinegar

Last night, was in short, pretty cool.

I happened to notice, that Ty, Pete, and pretty much everyone in the house is taking their break back to their own place, leaving the building pretty well empty. However, after slugging through Classic mode in Brawl as Wolf on hard, and finalyl visiting facebook again, i was promptly called by Cole to hang out and play some COD4. it was long after that that Cody came back too. So we all just played the crap out of COD4 and played some Gears of War on my PC. I loaded up that game purely just to show off the graphical capabilities of my computer, but they REALLY got into the damn game haha.

That was my night, but while i was browsing facebook i set up an event to gather a bunch of people up to play some Paintball on this coming Sunday. Its a REALLY late birthday thing for myself, as my D-Day is the 26th (tommorrow) and the 'party' is on the 30th.
Ive never hosted 'parties' or 'outings' or anything of the liek usually. When i did, i was a little kid organizing random things to happen, but then everyone would just play video games anyways (with or without my help, guess i just hang around Gamers alot, or i jsut sucked at hosting events lol) So this is a BYOC CFY CAYP (Bring your own Cash, Care for Yourself, Come as you Please) event, mostly so everyone is free to do what they will, wont feel confined to what i have to say, and fi they have to go, they can go with no questions asked.
I almost dont mind if it was really only me that showed up to the field. I know that wont happen, but what im saying is, this sunday is for me, and if my friends who ive invited show up, itll jsut make the day all the more fun and truly awesome, especially if someone brings some sort of recording mechanism (camera).
See you on the field guys! Should be a fun way to end the school break :)

I need to practice more on Brawl, just need to get good with Wolf. Hes frigging a pain to get used to once youve used Fox to any major extend, though Wolf does a few things that i thoroughly enjoy. Such as his Up+B, while not the "FireFox" as people have been calling it, its like "Air Wolf" or something lol. Its a TON quicker to pull off, and when it hits, carried the bastard along the trail, and Wolf lets out a side kick at the end to send them flying. Sure it may be shorter distance than the Fire themed Up b of Fox and Falco, but what it lacks for in distance, makes up for in attack power, which, Brute Force is what Wolf is all about. Though i tell you, Master Hand at the end of classic was a pain in the ass, simply because Wolf has no good air moves aside from the Air Wolf thing, and that mvoe is only good againt foes who will travel with wolf collecting damage as he picks them up. Master hand doesnt do that, rendering the move somewhat useless.
My entire 300 damage to the bastard consisted entirely of the 5hp per shot Blaster and jump kicks. .. Yeah. Took. Forever. Got a better strategy for Master Hand with Wolf? PLEASE for the love of all things holy, let me know! i know Wolf has a very shitty air game, but theres gotta be a couple things i can do.
Also if anybody knows how to Run and Gun with Wolf, let me know, ive been trying for ages, and i keep reading he can do it, but i can NEVER pull it off...
Also, Wolfs taunts are some of the best in the game.

Mr. game and Watch, what can i say, hes just a frigging powerhouse, but he requires you to be up close and personal. Even his Final Smash doesn't have any range. But hes still my second favorite Main.

then we have Fox, when i need speed and combo damage, this is the guy i choose.

Then we have Sonic, which i still need alot more practice with to even be called Less than Effective.

Thats it for me for today,


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