Friday, March 14, 2008

Ramblings: Quick First Impressions of Unreal Tourney 3

Ok so i finally installed Unreal Tourney 3 yesterday, both to give it a shot, and to try the toolset. Well then a friend came over and we ended up having a massive Army of Two session instead, followed up by watching Tenacious D: POD. So it wasn't until around 2Am that i finally got a chance to sit down with it. So naturally it wasn't long.

First thing i noticed, was this game runs silky silky smooth on the highest of settings on my system, which makes me super super happy. Im always a fan of bleeding-edge performance. it was around 2:30AM when i ripped open the documentation at UDN to see what extra tools i needed.

Well apparently i need nothing as i sat there for like an hour trying to find an SDK of some kind, now i dont remember much (being that late) but if i recall, im to compile my own SDK. But im jsut not entirely sure if thats what i NEED. All im looking to do is add animations to preexisting characters, so to my understanding i use the Matinee and FaceFX tools located in the UnrealED itself. The model/animation viewer and all tools have the rendering engine built in, which reminds me of Doom3, which is a definite step in the right direction.

I didn't get much further than this as i ended up passing out on my keyboard, causing my system to freak out and wake me up again; but 2 things i must ask:

1. How do i obtain this "UCC" utility or whatever for compiling UnrealScript? Is that in UED too?
2. How do i extract stuff from pre-existing packages? Essentially hwo can i possibly work with the assets already available?

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