Friday, March 28, 2008

Ramblings: Mario and Brawl

yeah no, this isn't jsut one big topic about brawl. Let me continue here :)

So last night i got the opportunity to play Pete again in Brawl, as hes finalyl back from his vacation. With my new found love for Game and Watch i decided to take him on, while he chose Link.
Holy. Crap.

I havent suffered a beating like that, since Jamis surprise with Zelda fireball spammage (hes since quit doing that now, but you get the point). game and Watch just cant seem to get in close enough. Whatever move hes got, Links got a few counters.
Take for instance, his umbrella as he falls, can eject water, which rejects projectiles (i hear, havent pulled it off or anything) and deals damage to anyone who touches it. link can twist-fly whatever with hsi sword for his upB, and that kicks the umbrellas ass.
G&W's DownB is an oil bucket that soaks in projectile attacks, in order to unlesh 3 fold once its full. Its one of G&Ws ultimate "Gotchas", well according to Brawl, Links Bow and Arrow, Whirlwind, Boomerang, or even bomb, do NOT count as projectiles. Ive tried to catch each one of them. So that move is completely useless.
Link also has his Pogo downward sword hit, this is one move that makes zero sense to me how it works, but according to Brawl, that attack, knocks you skyward and star-KOs as long as you have 80% at least damage.
Dont even get me started on Links amazing recovery, both be and Tyler have hit link with a charge smash when hes at 150%, and he STILL survives!
Plus hes got insane speed & range, and somehow manages to hit for 3 times as much damage as the attack should allow. He hit me once with a standard sword attack, im already at 21% from 0%.

I could go on, but the point im getting at here is, the denizens of Hyrule, are all severely overpowered for their own good.
Someone on the balance team sure favoured these characters. The only one that feels balanced in Ganon, and, thank god. If he even had the ability to beat Fox in a standard attack, i think id cry and quit the game entirely.

Oh dont get me wrong though, i can still kick peters ass, he leaves himself open in the air quite a bit, but he makes insane usage of the dodge roll (as in, its his only mode of transportation on the ground), something ive been noticing not alot of people do in Brawl so far. And it makes sense, because he can barely be hit.

So far i think Links weakness is Snake, haha, believe it or not. Snakes standard A attacks, kick the crap out of Link, and by kick the crap, i literally mean: Kick him out. I took Link out with a diving roll at 70% or so, it was hilarious. plus Snakes standard air attacks make Link cry like hes the fresh'un in Prison. just gotta watch out for the Pogo, and everything is fine.

If you werent sick of hearing about brawl enough, you may have noticed my previous two posts, im not sure im gonig to continue those, at least, not here anyways.

So the interwebs cut out fairly early last night after the host went to sleep, so we were forced to improvise our entertainment. So me and Cody felt liek nostalgic gaming, and the SuperNES looked like a good target. ...And didn't feel like burning through Zelda, so we popped in Lethal Enforcers and, wow, got bored of that quickly. That game is missing some serious Blast Processing, because i remember the genesis version being far superior in every sense. After that, and finding out that my copy of Aladdin for some good old school sidescrolling platforming action was out fo the question (black screen o' nothing), we popped in Mario All Stars, and played the crap out of Mario 3. Man, ok, first Mario 1 speed run competition with jami, Mario World speed run with jami the other night, and now Mario 3 with Cody. Also i gave Mario Galaxy a shot the other day, its jsut been Mario mario mario mario mario. lol. so that was good fun.

Oh also, while waiting for my prescription to arrive, i picke dup a copy of the new Nintendo Power. All i gotta say is: Wow. This felt VERY familiar. now i never read nintnedo Power in my life, and now owning a Wii i felt it appropriate since it had a nice cover story on Mario Kart Wii, Okami Wii, and "Building Better brawls" article. But i was reading it last night, and it felt like very classic video game journalism, stuff liek what Gamepro and Tips n Tricks used to feel like. Liek they dont take anything very seriously at all, lots of just having fun with the publication, and i felt compelled to continue reading the magazine until 3:30AM. Official Playstation Magazine and Official Xbox Magazine or even Game Develop magazine barely does that, i read a few articles, put it down, feel a little iformed, and go about y day. Nintendo Power jsut pure enlightenment and entertainment, as well as somewhat informative, but you knwow hat, i liked that. though, theres ALOT of Blue Hedgehog bashing from the fan letters, which made me lol.

Also, its almost April, which means, im almost on my way to my hometown, Prince George. on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of April, ill be driving with my good friend Gary, to help him move into his new place up in the northern capitol of BC (thats literally what they called it, lol). So that'll be fun.

Thats all i got for now, until tomorrow!


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