Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ramblings: Back in business baby!

Celebrate good times COME ON! *insert more music*

Ok so i FINALLY have my computer up and going, i spent until 2 AM last night reinstalling everything and getting it back up to snuff, while i played Pokemon Diamond to pass the time. Turns out, all i needed to do, was reinstall vista. Easier said than done when you werent provided the Vista disc in the first place but meh. Its good to go again! I also bought Unreal Tourney 3 so i can mod it

As i was playing pokemon, i beat the first gym leader and i got my SHINX evolved into a LUXIO. Abra is taking absolutely FOREVER to evolve though >_>

my search for a Wii never ceases, i went to the secondary EB in town where a friend works and tried to convince him to let me know via phone call, if he gets word about the next shipment of Wiis coming in. I aint relying on it as its iffy in the first place, but ill take whateer angle of help i can get.
No ebay for me.

So i got to help out in Cody's (film student roommate) film yesterday whilst i was waiting for Vista to install. Im called a "Blood Wrangler" or something, but essentually i was in charge of hiding and pushing the pump button for some sweet sweet blood effects in a suicide scene XD I get credits in his film, w00t! Maybe i can convince him to film a serial killer movie and ill play the killer ;) I did back in AI... speaking of which, i passed on a film idea to Cody, one that me and my little brother thought up. Id do it myself but im no film maker, and CG wouldn't be good for this idea, haha. Im not detailing it here until i hear back from Cody on whether or not hes going to do it. But its pretty good idea i must say :)

After all that, uhh, i played some Smash bros 64 by myself downstairs (as no one was around to play with_ and practiced with Fox. holy. Crap. There is like NO moves in that bloody game XD kick, upper attack, down attack, smash up, smash down, smash side, special and UpB. oh and grapple.
I was struggling for most of the time because.. its so different XD the interesting thing is, ive only ever really played the 64 version, and THEN Brawl, but now im so alient from the 64 version i can barely play it. though i will say one thing: the grappling in 64 is much more powerful.

Anyways thats all i have this time around, for now, enjoy this awesome GIF


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