Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ramblings: A Sober St Patricks Day

Hey all,

So another St. Patricks day has come and gone, and it was a very.. game filled one, haha. Its nice to know i single handedly now have the power to distract anyone and everyone from "normal" socializing to "Fun and exciting bantering and disrupting friendships". With the power of all of the systems in the house, plus multiplayer blockbuster hits like Smash bros Brawl and COD4, manages to turn just standing around and drinking with the occasional burst of laughter from the lewd comment shouted out at random, to having a real competitive and slowly degrading performance multiplayer bash.

Brawl was basically the center of all attention last night, but, it definitely got to a rocky start >_>, me and Jami, needed to unlock all of the characters, so we went from 50% to 90%, beating SSE on my machine, and going back to getting Jigglypuff, Wolf, and Toon link. So with all characters unlocked and 4 hours into the "party" it was time for some brawlin.

After that there wasn;t a ton of interest from much anybody else, they just watched me and jami beat SSE for 4 hours, so it was understandable. But once the distraction part of the party left (a few who shall remain nameless) people started joining in, including Cole, Cody, Ben, etc etc etc.
A little bit later, a fairly frustrated Cole asked me if he could use my 360 to shoot some people in the face, to relieve some stress. So we popped in COD4 and had some fun with supreme stealth classes and my Barret 50. cal sniper class.

This trend kept going until 2AM or so, when everyone disbanded and went to bed.

I didn't drink a thing, i was to busy gaming to think about it... haha. id make a terrible irishman.

So theres my unprofessional sounding blog entry of the day.


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