Monday, March 10, 2008

Ramblings: 3 is better than 2

I think its time for me to reevaluate the validity of the thought of purchasing all 3 systems. I already own an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3, but ive always muddled over the Wii.

So i went with Jami to purchase Smash Bros brawl at around 1PM, got back to his place with the ginormous TV at 2PM, and basiaclly stayed glued to the seat until 2 AM. Im not joking, we stood up once to go grab a drink about 2 hours in.

I have never been a smash brothers person, not on the n64 and not Melee. Not that they were bad games, jsut never really got into it. So imagine my surprise as i was totally blown away by everything this game had to offer. We managed to beat Coop Subspace Emissionry in a single sitting (about 8 and a half hours worth of play right there) and threw in a couple rounds to sandwich the whole experience. Let me take you through one of my favorite (and not so favorite) battles.

Metaknight vs. Sonic @ Green Hill Zone, 5 Score, unlimited Time
It was an insaely fierce battle. I was playing as metaknight, and we had just finished beating subspace and were completely warmed up and kicking eachothers asses. its a 5 man limit and using tons of tricks and tactings, flying around, spin dashing and slashing all around its down to our final lives, im at 116% and Jamis at 141% or somewhere around that, and a Smash Ball shows up. Ive NEVER won a match against Jami before so i was feeling really good about how i was doing already, but when i managed to soak in the smash ball i was feeling on top of the world. I know Metaknights final smash ive used it a couple times, so were standing near the left edge of Green Hill and Jami jumps up from the ramp from the right side of me. I initiate my final smash just in the knick of time and i catch him, thus, metaknight sends sonic flying into oblivion, its about this point where i start yelling "YES! MWAHAHAA!" outloud and what happened next, could have only happened with Jami. See, i died.
Whoa wait what? Yeah. I died. i lost. make no mistake my final smash took jami out, but what happened was pure unmitigated bullshit. Jami, as he was on the other side of the map (im on the left) had picked up a flower power, jumped and tossed it, and then ran towards me. Apparently as i did my final smash and knocked Jami into the hemisphere, the flower fluttered down and HIT ME as hes flying into the background. Due to the impact and my health condition, THE FLOWER KNOCKED ME OFF THE STAGE QUICKER THAN JAMI COULD FLY INTO THE BACKGROUND! And thus: He won.

It truly was one of those matches where you wish you had both a VCR or some recording device, capturing the magic, and you also wish you had a camera setup to catch the facial expressions that overcome both parties faces. Because both were priceless and deserving of replays. Im sitting stunned with one hell of a weird looking unbelievable "WTF?!" face, and Jami is quite literally, on the ground curled up, laughing.

past that point i started sucking, like, terribly at the game, and i believe it was purely due to the rage set fourth by this match, and i plan on challenging Jami again with a clear head, because, wow.

Anyways, so a review may go up later today sometime, possibly. but heres a preview: its awesome. And totally makes me want to buy a Wii. I hope theres a box bundle coming real real soon, as this would surly ti me over till MGS4.

ps. Army of two is still awesome.

psx. Btw Jami:
;) Ill get you on Tuesday, just you wait.

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