Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ramblings: The Waiting Game

Ive come to a logical conclusion: Im fucking impatient.

I bought my new video card yesterday, EVGA e-Geforce 8800GT 512MB, and i ordered that PSU yesterday. According to NCIX, they actually shipped it yesterday too which means it can arrive on my doorstep at any moment.

So to help pass the time i snapped a couple photos

This is the main tower. Its encased in an HP Pavilion, which isn't bad. But i do want to replace with a server tower at one point.
Im loving the bottom panel with the front loaded Audio jacks, 2 USB ports, and the firewire :) as well as above with the 4 memory card slots, and back down below the "HP Pocket Drive" slot. Hmmmmm.
Theres also an "expansion bay" for another DVD drive, but im just gonna go ahead and call it the "Blu-Ray Drive" :)

These are the innards the "ewwwww" Skeleton and bones and blood and guts and.. *ahem*

Its hard to see but that video card is absoloutely massive. Was not expecting that. Bottom right is the q6600 quad, bottom left is the HDD removable bay, and uhh.. yeah not much else to note about this one lol.

The behemoth of a video card. Im used to cards being half this size... and AGP.

i kinda like it :)


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