Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ramblings: uggghhh

oh GAWD.

k so the Podcast did in fact get recorded yesterday, and i bravishly went through with it even regarding my current condition: Throat Hurt. Im not sure what to call it, i dont feel sick but my voice is scratchy and hurts when i talk. At the beginning of the podcast my voice was fine, though deeper, and i kinda liked it. By the end of the 2 hour recording session, i felt like i wanted to punch myself out. All day i had gone without talknig as my job doesn't really require the use of your internal voice box, so i was unprepared for the consequences.

I wake up this morning and i ust felt like dying. Still not sick, jsut really horribly soar throat. I think i irritated it with something though im having trouble figuring out what. So ive been washing it down with smoother liquids, such as Chocolate Milk, Milk, Water, and Cherry KoolAid, eating only when i have to.

Dont ever let it be known that im a wuss, as long as i dont have anything serious/contagious, i still carry out my daily activities regardless of what they consist of.


On another note, now i know i need to get XP dualboot. D3Radiant absolutely hates Vista and anything that has to do with Vista. So if im to continue my machinima project, it has to be on Windows XP.


Alright, im out, until next time (ps. thanks for the 200+ views yesterday :) )


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