Friday, March 7, 2008

Ramblings: Short'un today

Quick short post today as im going to be very busy throuoghout the day.

So we (as in, me and Jami) finally got around to shooting our first footage of our first Crash Without Recovery video featurette. I wont release any details on it yet because now we need to record the next bulk of it, but in short: its gonna be awesome. Keep watching that site for it in the coming week or so.

Havent gotten around to installing Windows XP on my secondary drive yet, ill get to it though, tonight. Thats my goal.


Thats all i have for today truth be told, not light on news, jsut light on time today. Have a good one guys! heres a funny comig someone sent me via email at work the other day, i thought id share:

(click for enlargement)


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