Monday, March 17, 2008

Ramblings: Backburner...for now

Ok, ive had it about to here with the machinima project. its pretty abundantly clear that adding animations to an existing animation bank is just not somethign the devs want you to do. I guess they are afraid of all the simulated porn that could eminate from such an idea.
Ok im bitter what can i say.

So in order to do anything to an existing character in the unreal games, i have to use 3D Studio max, cause for some reason the damn thing just doesn't want to export bone structures in .3ds format, and i cannot for the life of me, find the OBJ exporter. plus on top of this, i havent even the slightest clue how to use Max, so learning new software for me at this point is a little out fo the question.

So screw it. Ill get back to this project at a later date, i will however still use Unreal 3 for this, but for now my patience has worn itself thin. I could have, in the time its taken me so far to setlling on the idea, the engine, the method, the software, and the research, to get to this point, made a full features animation portfolio to show that im not just sitting here picking at my eyeballs all day long.

Anyways, look forward to the 11-second club challenge as ill be soon participating in that.

As for FP, no worries, its still going, these are just side projects.

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