Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ramblings: Could something else go wrong please?

I think theres still a shred of hope still left in me. Please just kill it off for me, thatd be fantastic cause then i can legitly start looking like an emo walking through the streets, instead of my normal attire looking pissed off and sad all frigging day.

lets recap this: I get a severe case of brand loyalty. And when something doesn't change for nigh a year and over and things look great, the unexpected happens and shit hits the fan.

Lets start this shitstorm back a little while ago:

Pre 1. Greg Kasavin @ = Quit
To pursue dreams over at EALA to work on C&C3, this didn't really hurt as much but when it was initially announced, my favorite review personality is quitting, my heart sank to the bottom, then months later, shit started happening:
1. Ryan Oulette @ Puresafety = Deceased
A good friend of mine on the night shift suffered from some blood flow problems one day and didn't show up to work, we got news later that day that he had passed away. I still miss seeing the guy come up the stairs and the many breaks we took together. RIP my friend.
2. Jeff Gerstmann @ = Canned.
No one but Jeff and Cnet knows the real deal still, his departure left me dazed and confused for an entire day. Jeff was my favorite reviewer.
3. Jami @ Puresafety = Laid off
Good friend from work gets laid off, it was NOT a good day for productivity.
4. My night crew friends @ PureSafety
The place i work at, the entire storm of contractors (the whole night shift team) got laid off due to severe budget cuts. I had been working with
5. Alex Navaro @ = Quit
Apparently due to 'not feeling it anymore'
6. James @ PureSafety = Fired
Fragging buddy, and night team really good friend, gets sniped from work due to the lingering smidgeon left in the budget cut to fill. james got chosen to be let go unfortunately.
7. Ryan Davis @ = Quit
openly admitted to it being attributed to Jeffs alleged firing
8. Lew Lashmit @ Black Jaguar Studios = MIA
mmHmm, Drama even over here, Lew dissapeared from the internet very suddenly one day a month or two back, and we have not heard back from him, at all. PMs from various websites still go unread. I hope nothings happened to him..
9. Peter Moore @ Microsoft = Quits
Peter Moore was just awesome, when this news hit i was completely speechless. Now that he works at EA Sports, i know what hes doing but still...
10. secondary lead programmer @ Puresafety = fired
11. Head honcho boss @ Puresafety = Fired
12. Support guy @ Puresafety = fired
13. Project lead @ Puresafety = fired
All 4 of these happened in such rapid succession it makes my head spin. I knew the programmer and head honcho boss guy, im not revealing their name for privacy reasons.
14. Phil harrison @ Sony = Quits
holy CRAP. When i heard this my jaw dropped. Though recently the knowledge hit hes working with Infogrames and Atari, so its no longer a big deal but jeesus, the day the news hit i could barely think straight.
15. Gary Gygax of Dungeons and Dragons fame = passed away
My. God. No other words really need to be said about this
16. Handsom Tom, Perfect Liz, Ryu the Screwa-Dog, and Cameraman Joe @ = Quit
Due to business politics revolving around a website all about "fun and community", Handsom Tom left screwattack, for various reasons, and took Liz with him. Not sure about Cameraman Joe, but its still unfortunate that hes gone too
17. Newschool Micky @ = Quit
Micky, just quit, like an hour or so ago apparently for reasons not related to Tom departure.

I have been loyally following Gamespot for well over 4 years, and when ALL of my favorite personalities have left, gamespots jsut there for definitive release dates for me. I havent listened to a HotSpot or watched an On The Spot since Ryan Davis left, though ive become a loyal follower of Jeff, Ryan, and Alexs respective blogs, as well as an original reader of Giant so those arent the biggest loss, but before all that happened, i was depressed.

Ive been listening and watching everything Screwattack has been doing for well over 1 year and 2 months now. Im not sure how i feel about Sidescrollers now that its just Craig, Jose, Ben, and Nick now. Without Joe, Liz, Tom, and Micky its just going to be really strange. Im sticking with them, but goddamn.

Lots of drama since November of 2007. Im sick of it. I can adapt to change no problem, but jeesus christ guys, Spring just feels goddamn depressing for all of my loyalty to these websites, and companies i belong too. Theres way more too, but i think I've listed enough.

Some of its silly to get all worked up over (Gamespot drama) but then if you think that, then you just don't understand.

ok, im done, just needed to get that off my chest.



  1. Agh, that is WAY too much to be happening, I agree. I also felt bad for most of those occurances too =/ I seriously caused a day of non productivity?

    I do hope you get out of the mood, friend. Sidescrollers still have hope, the industry is changing all over the place and seems to be frantic with random changes which seem very annoying and we can't bring back what we've lost.

    Let's try and look att eh bright side of things? There may be few but lets bring them to light!

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