Saturday, March 1, 2008

Adventure: Install Other OS

March 3rd 4:04 PM:
Ok so its been a full day. I had to work on Sunday and i requested to use the leverage for today as a day off.

I finally got Linux installed on the PS3. Had some interestingly confusing moments but its finally successful.

And i hate it.

Ok hate is a strong strong word. Linux is pretty awesome but i definitly should have heeded the warning. Yellow Dog Linux 5.0.1 on a 480i television set = Bleck. Its like running Vista in 640x480 with a flickering screen, and the inability to change it.

So heres the outcome:

Adventure: "Install Other OS" an adventure in installing Yellow Dog Linux on the Playstation 3
Status: OK, Completed
Report: Huge success
First Impression: FUCK Finally! Looks pretty neat
Lasting Impression: it hurts my eyes, i need an HDTV before i do this again
Notes: if only PS3 allowed me to partiton more than jsut 10GB to Linux without partitioning 70 to it, itd be alot better. PS3 runs Linux surprisingly slow and even the installer says the PS3 has very little memory and must write to disk as it goes, lol. But yeah, do this at LEAST on a 720p television or monitor.

March 2nd 8:04 AM:
oooooh yeah who saw this coming? lol. The moment the cap came off the first beer, i was immediately drawn away from Linux Installations lol.
However while i may not have updated i did in fact give it a try while i was slightly inebriated. Seems even with that full reformat, Yellow Dog Linux 5.0.1 Installation refuses to find the designated partition as anything usable.
I wish there were more than 3 options:

"Format Utility:

Format ALL Spae to PS3
Partition 10GB to Other OS
Designate 10GB to PS3"

why cant i enter in how much i want to partition on an 80GB drive? i ask for 20GB for Linux, just that. COME ON.

Anyways regardless its not allowing me to install the bastard, oh but ill find a way. Im not about to give up and bring all my save files back just because this wont work., for, whatever reason im unaware of.

I will make it work.

but for now, i have to go to work, so dont expect any updates for the next 8 hours :(


March 1st 6:37 PM:
only 2 hours and 57 minutes to go. I think the reason it takes so long is its completely erasing the HDD and reinstalling its OS at the same time. Which as we all know, probably takes a minute or two.

In the meantime, I've been getting ready for the party that'll be happening that OFFICIALLY starts in 20 minutes but people have already started showing up. Expect subsequence updates to contain a little bit of alcohol abuse.

I also decided to keep the new machine SerialATA with the harddrives, than another mix of IDEE/SATA. So im bringing all the crap i want moved over to the new system on the 300GB SATA drive and bringing that one over. Its taking a bit longer than expected. But i got time lol.

March 1st 4:30 PM:
HOLY BALLS?! A full format and partitioning 10GB to Other OS is going to take FIVE WHOLE HOURS!!! DAMN.

ugh.. well i guess now is as good a time as any to get freshend up for this party thats about to happen in 3 hours.

As per this new "Adventure" label, ill continue to periodically update this entry with progressive information :) Dont expect much for the next 5 hours though haha.

March 1st 4:18 PM:
Because my PSU is going to take till monday i thought id endulge in another obligation whilst i have some time left over for it. Im going to install Yellow Dog 5.0.1 Linux on my PS3. ive downloaded the ISO, i have the PS3 Wiki instructions open, and right now im just formatting the PS3 HDD, whcih was a severe kick in the balls for me. I lost ALL my data. Well, sorta. Thankfully i had a 2GB MP3 player to store my save games and some vids on. Not much else besides demos and install data from other games. Oh well.

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