Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ramblings: Lots of Stuff this time

Ok because this ones gonna be huge, heres a list of things im gonna talk about today:

1. Smash Brawl Day 2
2. Adventuring around town, hunting for a Wii

3. Computer status

4. its about time i get my car fixed
5. Pokemon

So without further adu:

1. Smash Brawl Day 2
Because my computer is still down for the count (see below) we spent the majority of the day wed usually spend recording the podcast, playing a giant session of Brawl. My opinion of the game hasn't changed much, aside from my 'main'ing lineup. so let me update that list
1. Wolf
2. Metaknight
3. Sonic
4. Fox

yeah so i favor the Star Fox game team, i think they are wicked characters, and Wolf is badass. Sue me :) Wolf skyrocketed to the top, based on style points and power alone. you cant rapidly shoot his lazer (as its a single shot that does 5%, but stuns them upon impact), but that stun can reveal many a world of hurt to those who get hit by it unexpectedly. Wolfs taunts are by far my favorite in the game, Howling at the sky for killing a dude, and a "Whats the matter? scared?" taunt for when they continuously chicken out and hide/run from you. His voice is just absolutely awesome and believe it or not, instantly sold me on hearing his "scared?" taunt, haha. His power is pretty badass too, almost anything he does could knock a dude out.

Metaknight still remains to be one of my favorites, hes all forms of badass and has a sweet sword and deadly moveset. Provide dyou dont mind getting REAL close and personal. Even his final smash is pretty short range, and only does 40% damage. You want to do his final smash when someone is at least at 60% cause then its an instant kill, the moment that sword connects and manages to do upwards of 100% by the end of it, its an instant kill. Nothing quite like Zelda and her instant kill arrow no matter what health you are, but it is effective, not easily predictable, and can be activated whereever and whenever.

Sonic, i still suck at him, but i adire his moveset to the third degree. I didn't actually think hed be that great of a character, and that hed be just fan service. I was dead wrong. his moves suit him perfectly to a tee, they are VERY quick and VERY offguard catching, but doesn't have alot of power behind him, but thats ok. Dealing alot of damage quickly is the name of his game. Plus, for the first time, Jason Griffith sounds REALLY good as Sonic in this one. The taunts are cool, and victory and beginning speeches are cool, and he radiates "cool". Damn. Leave it to nintendo to do SEGAs character right!

Fox is Fox McCloud, hes the fast version of Wolf, which is why hes still in my roster, of Wolf is going to be too slow, ill use Fox instead.

In short: Brawl is badass, and id love to own this game. ...Speaking of which...

2. Adventuring around town, hunting for a Wii

So as Jami and Ty setup Jamis Wii downstairs at the house, me and Peter decided to get my computer fixed, (which is the next story 9see below), and order pizzas. So as we left pete ordered the pizzas as i booked it to futureshop to get my system looked after. After that i decided "Screw it, im buying a Wii", so with my $25 EBGames Custom Gift Card clutched in my left hand as i raced down the main highway to the local good EB, i set fourth on my quest to obtain the magic that was Smash Bros Brawl.
We walked into the EB and immediately grabbed a copy of Brawl and a Gamecube controller, and asked for a Wii. of course, they didn't have any left. Feeling SOL i still bought the game and controller anyways, even though i didn't have the console to play them on yet (i dont even own a Gamecube). So in a hurry (as the pizzas are waiting for us) i started runnign into every. single. store. that would carry one. Walmart, Zellers, other EBs, Futureshop, etc etc all along the way, no Wiis to be found. At my last destination (Futureshop), the dude actually told me "Yup, the entire Okanagana area is dry of Wiis" and im like "Well, crap, why couldn't someone jsut tell me that before?!"
So here i sit, Brawl in hand, and no console to play it on. Damn.
So going home dissapointed, we decided to finally pick up the pizzas, we go in and ask "K, pickup for Kyle" and the clerk was all "Wha?? There no pickup fo' kyle"...
Bewildered we start asking a bunch of questions like "What do you mean theres no pickup? we ordered like 40 minutes ago!"After a big hooplah Peter finally dug out his Cell Phone of wonders called a "CRZR" and asked "This is your phone number right?" and the clerk laughed "No, thats the one in westbank, about 40 minutes that way!". We all started laughing. How ridiculous.
So we ordered right there for delivery this time and went about our merry way to accomplish story #1

3. Computer status
So ya my computer is still... dead. As mentioned in my previous stories i made my way to Futureshop to get my computer looked at. Apparently, there is NO recovery discs made for this system.
So. Yeah. Its dead for now. I have to buy another copy of Vista, as the hardware is only compatible with Vista, transfer all my stuff using the XP installaltion to the other harddrive, and find a way to reinstall Vista. This time i think im going to go Vista Ultimate. Go big or go home, haha. Its gonna be tricky and will take an entire day to accomplish, knowing me.
So with that in mind, as i said before, my machinima animation project is going to now be on Unreal Tourney 3, instead of Doom3, based on this new Vista development. *sigh*

4. its about time i get my car fixed
A funny story happened the other day as i was taking my brother home from visiting with me. We parked at a SuperSav Gas Station to.. well get gas. A trivial task. now something i never really talked about was the condition of my car. So follow along, as its probably funnier this way.

I parked in front of the gas pump, rolled down my window (due to the heat), and its full serve, so a gas attendant came out, i closed my door, and finding out its full serve i decided to go in and grab some pop. So i go to turn around and ask my brother (who's in the passenger seat) if he wanted anything, and lo-and-behold, my window was not where i left it. May car was moving. And is on a downhill slope, with a concrete barrier at the end, and over the barrier, is a sharp decline down a rocky hill.
Panicking i obviously tried opening my door with the handle.

My door handle is broken due to a truck hitting my door when i was parked at a restraunt. I cant open my door this way.

So there i am, reaming at my door handle, running along with my car, looking liek a "Ghost Riding the Whip". My brother knows my car is a standard and theres an E-Brake in the middle console. So he pulls it.

My e-brake broke when i parked on a hill not to long ago.

So with no feedback, my brother continuously reams at the ebrake, so heres the picture:
Me, running alongside my car, ripping at my door handle. My brother, reaming at my ebrake continuously, and both of us: Panicking.

Eventually i stuck my arm in my window and ripped on the interior door handle, which does work, ripped open the door, and dived in quickly, and applied the brake, about 10 feet away from the concrete barrier. i kinda wished i pulled a Dukes of Hazard and dived through my window, but i was panicking and wasn't thinking about hollywood style at the time, haha. Fun story to tell at parties :)

5. Pokemon
I only played about 30 minutes of Pokemon diamonds this morning (about 5 minutes last night before crashing) and im almost at the first gym leader, but the bastard isn't in the frigging gym, that bastard. now i got to seek him out. Its about this time that i turned it off. Haha. Im having fun with the game though, which is whats important. So ill continue going.
Alot of people seem to have issues capturing Abra, even back in the Red/Blue days on the Gameboy. Luckily for me, my Chimchar had "Taunt" which basiaclly forced the foe to only use attack moves for 2-4 turns. Being Abra only has Teleport, haha. So i launched that immediately, and relieved to find the message "Enemy ABRA cannot use Teleport due to the taunt" or something like that, and so i hit him with an Ember attack and burnt him, he then did something unexpected "Abra used Struggle!" and wiggled around a bit and ended up injuring himself down to 1HP. I'm like "OH GAWD!" and tossed a Heal Ball and captured the little bastard before he either a. killed himself, b. taunt wears off.
So i got Abra on my first shot, haha. Which is lucky for me, because Alakazam was my favorite pokemon in Red/Blue. of course, ill have to settle with Kadabra for a long time until i find someone to trade with (which is what i assume is still the story with Kadabras case).

So that was my pokemon experience.

And that was my day yesterday, as fun and exciting as that was :)

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