Monday, March 24, 2008

Ramblings: Happy Post-Easter

I just came off reading Jami's blog entry this morning (holy crap kid, type much? LOL) and feeling a little down from typing so ill keep this short.

I went home for the weekend, starting on Friday (which was a stat-holiday for my job, so day off for me!) so i packed up my Wii and left my house. i could feel Tyler and Codys disappointment as i packed up my Wii, haha. Don't worry guys, a Brawl session is right around the corner!

I went with gary to Penticton, he had a CD he wanted to pick up and i wanted to grab a second Gamecube controller. Going in for a $20 item, apparently leaving with some $85 of stuff, lol.
- Gamecube Controller (official, non-thirdparty)
- Gamecube Memory Card (madcatz, but works)
- Metal gear Solid: Twin Snakes
- Starfox: Assault

Ive been getting alot into the Starfox series as of late. Much in the same token i got into the Sly series, Ratchet and Clank, Sonic, and various other franchises.
I obsess over cartoon games it appears. And thus i shall continue to do so because i do appreciate the genre. Shooting, Platforming, Theivery, Open World, i don't necessarily care, these games tend to focus on having plain old fun than incredibly realistic graphics. And isn't that what gaming is all about?

I absolutely ADORE and praise the Metal Gear Solid franchise, because the gameplay is fun, the story is.. insanely engaging, and the characters are all likable whether you hate them or like them. Gear 1 on PSX was the very first title, that made me very proud to be a gamer. The second scene with sniper wolf dying, actually brought a tear to my eye for its beauty. I REALLY didn't think a game could DO that to a person! MGS2 introduced alot of things to the series in terms of gameplay that were sorely needed, such as aiming in first person mode for instance. The storyline behind it was again, simply stellar, though i was very angry about controlling Raiden for the majority of the time, i wanted Snake!
MGS3, i never actually played to any extent, though i did watch my friend Alex play it in its entirety so i know the storyline and how it all went down. The final cut-scene at the end of the game left me completely and utterly speechless, to the point where i just couldn't move, i was paralized, and all i could do was be basked in the beauty of the cutscene execution. The music queues, the voice over, the animation, and even the graphics, all worked in complete harmony to deliver one of gamings most satisfying endings in history.

in short: The MGS series, is what inspires me most. But i definitely enjoy my cartoon games.

When it comes to Brawl with me vs. anything Jami does, yes its true, his Zelda always manages to piss me off. let me explain
1. The kid has insane survival skills. Doesn't matter WHAT game he plays, he always manages to survive the longest.
2. Impeccable timing. Hes got the timing of shit LOCKED DOWN TIGHT. So thus, always manages to get me just as im exiting my block, no matter how much i switch up the timing. I dont know whether its just luck or he notices something most dont. But its not just blocking, its EVERYTHING.

Anyways, its because of these two qualities in his gaming habbits, that make him a nearly unstoppable force in Brawl. So when he practices and makes use of his Main's, hes basically god on the field, choosing who he was to off first. It never helps that for some reason he gets the Smash Ball on whatever hit he lands on it, while everyone else smacks it ariund for like 5 minutes. So i played someone who knew all of Zeldas moves, and i kicked his ass with Wolf. So, theres definitly something different about Jamis gameplay habbits that make her an unstoppable force.
I still think Zelda could do without at least 1 or 2 of her moves, such as th deflector, i really doubt she needed that, coupled with everything else she has. Shes liek the mix of everything awesome of every character, powerful CONTROLLABLE ranged EXPLOSION of DOOM, akin to Snakes Nikita. Reflector of peril, much like Starfox's reflectors, her teleport maneuvers makes SURE you nver have a goddamn CLUE where shes going to land, her Sheik/transform ability is much like Pokemon Trainers, in which they cant be touched during transformation, and both her standard up and side smash attacks are repeated hitters with a final strike at the end of it which can send you off the screen. And nto to mention, her final smash is an instant kill so long as they are in front of her from ANY distance! Her repitoir is, in short: "Unfair", in my eyes, and clearly unbalanced. Shes like the boss character that has everyones moves except stronger.
As for his other mains, Zero Suit and Peach, Peach jsut has one hell of an annoying final smash (no matter what, your asleap allowing her to pick each one off individually), and Zero Suits whip is just annoying. But aside from that, both characters feel pretty balanced in accordance to the game.

*ahem* anyways, before i start ranting, Jami its not that we think YOUR cheap with Zelda, we just think ZELDA herself is cheap enough to warrant the 'ban'. Everyone else is cool, lol.

Im ending it here as i cant feel myself typing any less intelligently than i am right now, so, later!


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