Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ramblings: Hardware Issues

So my computer is STILL bricked.

I was unfortunate to find out that its my motherboard thats actually Vista exclusive. And by that i mean drivers. It wasn't clicking with me that my motherboard was apart of the original configuration of the HP Pavilion, due to the fact ive thrown in a bunch of aftermarket parts. Except the mobo. And the drivers from HP only work on Vista. So Vista it is. But, i need to get my Vista back, and thats what i hope to accomplish today. Ive managed to track down my computers HP model #, but i have to wait for the employee that has been helping me along since moment 1, so he can burn me a recovery disk. I think ill just take in the whole tower and just get it all over with. I just want me poor compute back...

So to pass the time i picked up the dusty Pokemon Diamond and gave it another shot. I Still hate the beginning pokemon but i went with Chimchar this time (i dont like Monkeys... everyone else does, not me..) but i hated the other ones more. So i quickly caught one of those bird ones that i keep forgetting the name to, and ive already trained it to be my main one so far. hah.
Its a cute game, and i havent even gotten to the first gym leader yet, which is about wher i got to last time, so im still unaware of how this game is going to go down. I was offput by the cuteness of each creature, so now that im giving it the old college try again, im going to see if the evolved species, will actually look cool. That will sell me alone.

PS. Dont blog using your PS3. its got this really short character limit in its typing app. And pressing Alt+Enter on the keyboard is what makes a line break... Fun times indeed.

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