Monday, March 10, 2008

Ramblings: the PS3 made me do it

Greetings from my PS3. I cant really do much (such as images i think using Bloggers editor) but i can still type text. The real testiment is going to be from publishing to FTP via the PS3 browser. oh ya, its gonna be interesting. Im actually afraid to press "Enter" at this point in case it accidently sends itself, then its a pain, so bare with me while i figured this thing out.

So my computer is still bricked beyond any of my repair. I need a Vista recovery disc, and i have zero access to one right now. You know what? Screw XP. Its WAAAAY more trouble than its worth at this point, plus the hardware drivers are Vista exclusive anyways so i cant even try hoping to run the bastard off of it. So Vista it is, which means no Doom3 Machinima. Now it means Unreal Tourny 3 Machinima, which actually has me even more excited than before, maybe its the fact ill be using software that i know is compatible with eachother, haha.

Out of boredom, i finally brought out Pokemon Diamond. Its fun! :)

Thers a PS3 char limit?

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