Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ramblings: 11 Second Club March Contest

So with the "Garbage Day" and "Chasing Amy" Machinima projects sitting on the shelf for a little while, Ive allowed myself to sign up for the 11 Second Club, and even though i only have a week and a half left, ill still try my best to participate in the March contest, which uses an audio exerpt from "Amadeus".

Im totally stoked, i only imported the "Andy" meshs and set up the first body poses, and a crappy 3pt lighting setup, and im having a total blast! I REALLY didn't want to sleep last night, er, this morning.
This competition is allowing me to use maya for animation in ways i never used it before. Ive never tried animating rigs, facial structures, animation graph, or any of that stuff in Maya. All i ever used was rotating and translating the physical bones themselves in my simple simple structures.

Though i wont lie, getting back into the swing of Maya, may have been easier for me than most would trying to adapt (i used Maya for like 3 years before switching to XSI at school), im still having issues with keyboard shortcuts. Also trying to remember simple tricks like getting shadows from light sources to show in the persp viewport in real time have been an effort in trying not to strangle the neighbors cat in frustration.

Im not exactly sure what i want to do with my other blog, it served me well as a blog for critique from fellow peers and teachers alike, but i don't use it anymore since im out of school, and following two blogs at once would kinda suck, which is why i'm creating a new Label for "11 Second Club" because ill be posting my WIPs here instead of there.

Ill leave it up for Legacy reading and showing, but you can see all of my stuff (and vlogs even) at my Vimeo account anyways :)

im done for today, to make your day complete, its wednesday, and you know what that means!


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