Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can i has Kamra plz?

Thanks to local resident Ben for the opportunity. Ive been looking into a digital camera for at least 5 years now but never deemed $400+ for a decent one worth the price of admission to take random shots at moderate quality.

So he lets me purches his Nikon Coolpix 4600 for $25, due to the fact it had no batteries, memory card, or USB connector.
Well thankfully for me i dont need the USB connector, my PC has the memory card readers first off, also i dont have a true MicroSD card, its a MiniSD (the really tiny ones) and i use a MicroSD Converter which i slot the thing into, i also have a USB adapter for said miniSD, so im covered in that department already!
I just needed batteries. And so i did.

Heres a shot i took with it

aaaand heres what the camera looks liek for realz

this is cool :D

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Land of Concentration part 3


please excuse the delay of this blog, im not sure anyone cares anyways, nto like this is some big trafficked blog or anything.
But enough of that onto whats important: My levels of concentration.

We were off to a rocky start, what with the Tropic Thunder fiasco, but Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, i took extra step initiatives and did something.
on Friday, me and Steve went to the school and i did some moderate drawing and crappy keyframed flash stick man thinger. Totally uninspired flash thing, but the drawing felt good. I went with the intention of animating something, but instead i decided to brush up on my Anthro character art and seeked out a few tutorials online.

On Saturday, it was pretty much a gong show, me and Steve spent the day ploaying around with music creation software, ACiD and FL Studio to be more precise. I think we may have figure dout FLS tudio without having to resort to tutorials, haha.
Later that day, had a meeting with the Silver Shot crew, but that didn't fly unfortunately, so we ended up watching a bunch of AVGN videos.
Also Stephen and Jami and I, beat Saints Row, it only took till 3:30AM.

on Sunday however, after i dropped Stephen back off at home (around 11AM when i got back i think) i locked myself in my room, checked my remaining messages, and with nothing else to do, my xbox downstairs, nothing to play on PS3, and my Wii required to much movement, i finally checked out 11 second club again for this months competition.

K now honestly, the clip is in ALL french or some foreign language i cant understand, im assuming this is to give free reign over everything but i dont have the foggiest of what id do with it.
So saying "Fuck it" i went to and surfed for good clips.
I settled on 2 clips from "Snatch" and pieced them together to create my own challenge. This is however, 24 seconds instead of 11. But the first good chunks worth wont involve any lip synching, its all narration so thatll ease it up a bit.

Here the clip:

Ill be posting the storyboards next when they're done

Also a bit of good news, my drum kit is on its way :D

with that i leave you with the daily YouTube

i highly encourage watching the whole "The Heist" by Derren Brown, its incredibly fascinating!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Land of Concentration day 2

Well its day 2 and i havent even started yet.

Operation: Get Shit Done; is still not underway as i originally planned.
The other day (Wednesday) was the actual premiere of Tropic Thunder, a movie i was killing myself waiting to see. When i was informed it was the 13th instead of the 15th (like the posters said) i jumped at the immediate chance to see the earliest showing i could.
After watchign that rediculously awesome movie, i came back to see Cole Doner drive into the driveway, and opted to make me watch Full Metal Jacket, because i had to see it.
By the time that movie was finished, it was 12:30 and i needed to get to sleep.

Enter the next day, Day 2 of when i planned on doing this 'cleansing of distractions', i was talking to my brother online about Tropic Thunder, and got really pissed at me. Apparently i had told him i promised to see it with him on opening day.
Well its a good thing for him i really wanted to watch it again, so after work i hopped in my car, drove 35 minutes to his town, picked him up, drive for 45 minutes back to Kelowna, and set up a time to watch it with roommate Cody and his girlfriend.
Once that was finished me and Stephen chilled instead of worked, i turned on Beetlejuice/geuse and he chatted online on my computer.
He jammed on his guitar, i practiced some drumming on the Rock Band drum pads, despite they werent hooked up i just tried to imagine the sound each one made. It was easy because i couldn't exactly hear where i was fucking up, rather it sounded good in my head XD
Then we turne don I AM Legend and fell asleap. Well i did anyways.

This is now Day 3, i started downloading trial software of some music cretion software but couldn't install them beofre having to head out to work. So Stephens in charge of monitoring the progress with that.
The day is young, and while Stephen is here i dont actually beleive ill get much done in the way of Animation stuff, but we can certainly figure out stuff musically.

anyways whatever, the moral of the story is: Movie Posters a dirty filthy liars, and should never be trusted with information, or candy.
mmm candy..

With that done, i present to you, the daily YouTube: today is a double feature of Americas Got Talent Ozzy Impersonators.
Watch the first one, then watch the second one, then repeat int hat order one more time.
Or do whatever you want, i dont really care :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now Begins a Journey, to the Land of Concentration and Loudness

So ive been going on for years now on a personal mission to own every console and have a healthy selection of games for each system i own.
I have accomplished this lifelong goal of mine.
To any standard nerd this is a dream come true. To msot normal people this is a bit excessive. To a person like me: Why the hell did i do it?

First let me bring you back a small ways: I never grew up with money. With me i owned 1 console per generation (try as i might), so i had to make the right decisions, and i only had a paltry selection of my own games to choose from. Otherwise i was renting.
Some nights while others would dream about naked women riding around on scooters while doing gymnasi- sorry those were still mine, but meanwhile i dreamt one day i would choose a generation to own every system within. Then id go back to dreaming about naked women on scooters.

Back to the point, i do now own everything. Xbox360 Premium w/ Gold Live account, Playstation 3 80GB, Wii, PSP Slim, and DS Fatty. All 5 current generation mainstream systems sit atop and below my TV on a daily basis. Begging for me to use them to help justify the thousands of dollars i saw beside me. And thus i would.

So here i am now, an aspiring animator who needs practice, a game designer who needs time, and in about 2 weeks time ill be the proud owner of a new drum kit.
Where does gaming fit in? Here the thing: I wont let it.

Ive decided for the greater good of myself, to lock away about 98% of my games, all my previous-gen systems, and leave only the Wii and PS3 out, with 1 game per system.
On the PS3 ill leave GTA4 out, and with the Wii im leaving Okami out.
the 360, its games, and everytghing below gets put away for an unspecified amount of time.

Whats the point of all this? Concentration. I cant guarantee myself itll be liek the old days, where becaus ei didn't have much in the way of gaming, id say to myself "K im gonna open flash and continue to work on Transparent, i only got 1 more week for that deadline" but any facet of that back is more welcome than anything ive been trying so far.

So the deal is this: cutting back about 80% of my gaming habbit, putting fourth effort on doing animations, learning the Drums, and continuing to do the best job i can with the Silver Creek team.

I hope this works >_> otherwise im hopeless, ill be documenting my experience in this blog, making it yet another "Adventure" in something.

on a lighter note, heres the drum kit i puchased, jsut gotta wait 2 weeks for its arrival :D

if i had a tail, itd be wagigng so hard itd knock people out >_>im SUPER stoked for this.

Im going to rip off my little brother's idea for his blog and do a "Song of the Day" thing, not-sponsored in part by YouTube, Vimeo, etc. But itll be a ":Video of the Day" thing