Monday, August 18, 2008

The Land of Concentration part 3


please excuse the delay of this blog, im not sure anyone cares anyways, nto like this is some big trafficked blog or anything.
But enough of that onto whats important: My levels of concentration.

We were off to a rocky start, what with the Tropic Thunder fiasco, but Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, i took extra step initiatives and did something.
on Friday, me and Steve went to the school and i did some moderate drawing and crappy keyframed flash stick man thinger. Totally uninspired flash thing, but the drawing felt good. I went with the intention of animating something, but instead i decided to brush up on my Anthro character art and seeked out a few tutorials online.

On Saturday, it was pretty much a gong show, me and Steve spent the day ploaying around with music creation software, ACiD and FL Studio to be more precise. I think we may have figure dout FLS tudio without having to resort to tutorials, haha.
Later that day, had a meeting with the Silver Shot crew, but that didn't fly unfortunately, so we ended up watching a bunch of AVGN videos.
Also Stephen and Jami and I, beat Saints Row, it only took till 3:30AM.

on Sunday however, after i dropped Stephen back off at home (around 11AM when i got back i think) i locked myself in my room, checked my remaining messages, and with nothing else to do, my xbox downstairs, nothing to play on PS3, and my Wii required to much movement, i finally checked out 11 second club again for this months competition.

K now honestly, the clip is in ALL french or some foreign language i cant understand, im assuming this is to give free reign over everything but i dont have the foggiest of what id do with it.
So saying "Fuck it" i went to and surfed for good clips.
I settled on 2 clips from "Snatch" and pieced them together to create my own challenge. This is however, 24 seconds instead of 11. But the first good chunks worth wont involve any lip synching, its all narration so thatll ease it up a bit.

Here the clip:

Ill be posting the storyboards next when they're done

Also a bit of good news, my drum kit is on its way :D

with that i leave you with the daily YouTube

i highly encourage watching the whole "The Heist" by Derren Brown, its incredibly fascinating!

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