Friday, August 15, 2008

The Land of Concentration day 2

Well its day 2 and i havent even started yet.

Operation: Get Shit Done; is still not underway as i originally planned.
The other day (Wednesday) was the actual premiere of Tropic Thunder, a movie i was killing myself waiting to see. When i was informed it was the 13th instead of the 15th (like the posters said) i jumped at the immediate chance to see the earliest showing i could.
After watchign that rediculously awesome movie, i came back to see Cole Doner drive into the driveway, and opted to make me watch Full Metal Jacket, because i had to see it.
By the time that movie was finished, it was 12:30 and i needed to get to sleep.

Enter the next day, Day 2 of when i planned on doing this 'cleansing of distractions', i was talking to my brother online about Tropic Thunder, and got really pissed at me. Apparently i had told him i promised to see it with him on opening day.
Well its a good thing for him i really wanted to watch it again, so after work i hopped in my car, drove 35 minutes to his town, picked him up, drive for 45 minutes back to Kelowna, and set up a time to watch it with roommate Cody and his girlfriend.
Once that was finished me and Stephen chilled instead of worked, i turned on Beetlejuice/geuse and he chatted online on my computer.
He jammed on his guitar, i practiced some drumming on the Rock Band drum pads, despite they werent hooked up i just tried to imagine the sound each one made. It was easy because i couldn't exactly hear where i was fucking up, rather it sounded good in my head XD
Then we turne don I AM Legend and fell asleap. Well i did anyways.

This is now Day 3, i started downloading trial software of some music cretion software but couldn't install them beofre having to head out to work. So Stephens in charge of monitoring the progress with that.
The day is young, and while Stephen is here i dont actually beleive ill get much done in the way of Animation stuff, but we can certainly figure out stuff musically.

anyways whatever, the moral of the story is: Movie Posters a dirty filthy liars, and should never be trusted with information, or candy.
mmm candy..

With that done, i present to you, the daily YouTube: today is a double feature of Americas Got Talent Ozzy Impersonators.
Watch the first one, then watch the second one, then repeat int hat order one more time.
Or do whatever you want, i dont really care :)

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