Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ramblings: The Birthday Shenanigans

So i offiically turned 22 as of March 26th at 11AM or something close to that.

The day started actually durign the previous day. After work, me, Jami, and Cody basiacly played a bunch of Wii stuff until the 'wii' (see what i did there? har har) hours of the night. I got 2 hours of a powernap, i woke up and with Jamis help, managed to start, beat, and master Super Mario World on the virtual console.

That took until about 12PM i reckon. Afterwards we got a bunch of people downstairs and played Brawl in Tourney mode until 5:30 or so.

Back at home with the family, we went to dinner at a fancy restraunt called "Zias". here i tried the Rack of Lamb Dijonnaise, as well as a few local variations of dark beer. The food, was absolutely stellar. The night ended with a slice of Hedgehog Cake, which in short, is like having a party, in your mouth, every bite. It. Was. AWESOME.

i crashed at 9PM because i didn't get much sleep the night previous, but its all good, the hours and hours leading up to the 9pm crash, more than made up for the remaining 2 hours i usually stay up till.

In terms of gifts, i got this sweet new Casio watch, its got a brushed metal finish and the numbers are shiny. cool!

Thats about it for my grand birthday adventure. I didn't post, because i was away from all things computers the whole day, so, yeah.

Anyways, stay tuned for my gut reaction and lasting impression of "Serj Tankian: Elect the Dead"

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