Friday, March 14, 2008

Ramblings: SCORE!!!

WOOT! Thats right Bitches, the Wii, is finally mine, and in my grasp.

I called EB around where i live on a whim and asked if they had any Wiis, turns out, they jsut unpacked 4 of them. So being as they werent able to hold any for me... i asked for an extended brake and jumped in my car and drove, THREE towns over, in a matter of minutes, through traffic jams and Ms. Daisy drivers, and finally reached my destination. Picked it up, droppe dit off at home, and booked it back to work. Now i just got to wait till i get home in order to do anything with it :)

So yeah, i now own all three of the consoles, as well as 1 of the handhelds (DS). Im almost too happy to care if anything goes wrong today :)

its a Smash bros brawl night tonight, im looking at you Pete and Ty! And im also looking at you Jami, we have to play online sometime ;)


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