Friday, April 4, 2008

Ramblings: Guess whos back!

Not a whole lot to actually say this tiome around, exscept for the fact that im back from a 3 day trip up north back to my original hometown. The trip was awesome, picked up a couple suveneirs, got to hang out with Alex for a few hours, said my 'goodbys' and 'seeyalaters' to Gary and Wayne, Gary of which is the person i helped move up there.
bought a couple t-shirts, a couple posters, an original copy of MGS for PSX< which has since lsot its rare status now that the box set of all metal gears has been released, and contains an original PSX copy of MGS1. Meh, i stil have the case + manual :D *nyeah* Oh and i also bought an old school atari 2600 release (i think its rerelease because its much smaller and has no wood finish anywhere). But it works, and so do the 12 games i got with it. Oh and i also bought Mesmerize, System of a Downs second to last album release. ps. Wal-Mart sucks for CD selection.

The trip was good, a collective total of 1,700kilometers up and down British Columbia. Could imagine just how much fun that was :) (to put a number: 20 hours of pure driving, minimum). Its good to be back home. But damn, i miss Prince George. I almost didn't want to come back here.

Anyways i came home to find everyone, as per usual, playing Brawl. Seems in 3 days everyones skills have advanced to the point where i was trying super hard to even get kills, let alone think of winning. See what vacations do to you?!

So i will indeed this time be partaking in the 11 second club April Challenge and its got a clip from Arrested Development. No im serious, ill actually participate this time. I simply tried to start too late in the competition last month, and it didn't end up going to well.

K, thats all i got for now without going into super heavy details which no one cares about.

Stay tunes for WIP shots of my animation.


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