Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ramblings: Metal Gear Marathon

So the time is nigh, and the hour has dawned. I can smell Metal Gear Solid 4 from here. The musky strong bitter scent of fresh a Blu-ray Disc, burns the inner linings of my nose, and it feels good. Really good.

Me and my roommate Cody, have decided to run through all the Metal Gears on the hardest difficulties available to us, to educate, psych, and prepare us for the greatness that is Metal Gear Solid 4. So being as we both own the first Metal gear Solid on PSX (we each have our own copies), and dont own the others, whats the best thing we could do?

The Metal Gear compilation pack has been released a few days back, but its proving harder and harder to find. As an indication: i had more luck finding a Wii.This will be the perfect companion when i do find it, as itll allow us to rapidly switch to the next game almost immediately.

Peter, another roommate, sort of wants to be around when we do play the game, but, scheduling is always a bitch. So me and Cody setup an original Playstation console downstairs and hooked up to the nice sound system. All we need is a big TV and wed be in bliss. We played the original on PSX all the way up the final showdown with Psycho Mantis (my favorite boss). Cody had some 'issues' taking down Gray Fox in Hals lab, but after tasteing a brand new energy drink found on a gas station supplies run ("Stoked Energy") he managed to kick Fox's ass with all rations in tact.
After i took down Mantis, we agreed that Cody would be the one to beat Sniper Wolf's 1st encounter, meanwhile, allowing me to take down Sniper Wolf on the snowfield in the 2nd encounter. Allowing me to enter into the cutscene that forever changed my opinion of video games when i was a kid: Sniper Wolfs death sequence.
Ill also be the one handling the torture chamber, using a trick my dad taught me, that basically sends my arm into a spastic seizure for any length of time. I havent had to work the trick especially hard in many many year so itll be interesting. When i played the Gamecube "Twin Snakes" only a week or two back, i was on easy, so the torture chamber sequence was cheese.

So this morning i woke up and got through the Husky Wolf caves to the door where Meryl is about to feel the burn. God shes so useless, lol.

I dont expect us to beat the first one tonight, as conflicting scheduals will bring us about maybe 40 minutes of gameplay when i get home from work before Codys got to head to class for 3 hours, effectivly leaving the time to start at 9PM. Guess ill play some Devil May Cry 4 or Phoenix Wright 3 or catch up on Arrested Development in the meantime.

Now is no time to get a new social life. :)

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  1. dude, did you get your Metal Gear online Beta key?