Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ramblings: Hmmm

It appears im behind the times, why wouldn't i have thought that by now, someone would have invented a PhoenixWright type engine for fans to use? Oh right cause im naive and remember i enter these popular franchises late, all the time, on principle. Being a person who beleives in the underdogs and lets the huge franchises slide (usually) when i finally do engulf in pop culture, tis usually a bit late.

PhoenixWright i let slide for a long long LONG time, i played and beat the first one some time ago, then i played and beat the second one in 2 months (long time taken) and now im on PhoenixWright 3, and i started writing a small fiction based on custom characters in the same setting. Its at this point i thought id create an aniamtion engine i labaled as "CourtEngine" and made it in flash.
The Prototype is about a day from completion, and im feeling quite discouraged. See, Flash has limitations, and so when i came across Mechabowsers 'Case Maker 2' which follows the exact same frickin principles as my engine (customization & extensibility) i instantly feel like ive bene severely outdone, being as this is an actual PROGRAM which means its hardware accelerated to avoid any of Flashes limitations. Such as one that was sort of heart wrenching to me, i cannot get the text blipping in there, Flash skips most of them and the function (as lite as it is) slows down the text typing function to a crawl. So thats out, but everything is in there. Custom external scripts and XML ran engine, its a pretty sweet little thing i must say, but lets face it: its flash. so theres issues there.

I haven't fully tried Case Maker, if at all, so maybe ill give it a shot and see where i can improve upon his formula, only difference is mine is Flash ran. My customization may be just a bit easier/better. Plus i have no idea how you create spoken dialogue in Case Maker, may not be easier than XML. So well have to see. Typing this has helped my moral a bit now that i think of a few things, but still, if it fulfills all my credentials, i may as well ditch what ive been working on.

Itd be time to work on my Demo Reel anyways.

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