Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vlog 3 - Source Did it Wrong [Explicit]

This Vlog contains alot of bad language, sensitive virgin ears be warned.

Vlog 3 - Source Did it Wrong from KyleHarrison on Vimeo.

EDIT: I would like to correct 1, just 1 thing about my rant. Of course, for Doom3, your required to save .mb (maya Binary) files and run them through the doom3 engine using meshExport to make the md5mesh and anim files, defined in a .def file. So in a small sense, the .def is much like the .QC from source.
The difference: With a little study of the md5 format, its not severely difficult just to make an exporter that exports directly into MD5mesh and MD5anim files, eliminating the compiling middleman.
The main Doom3 advantage: Inheritance. No models are actually "compiled" jsut "converted", MD5 is ASCII based haha. SourceMDL makes binary models and everything that was shared is built directly into it.
In Doom3, the .def file (without compiling) can build entire characters by something like this (please forgive the inaccuracy)
// dude.def
"inherit" "body_labcoat"
"head" "dude"

youve just created a character, simply by providing a head model. All animations for the body, are shared amongst other MD5anim files.

My apologies for the rant inaccuracies, though, i still stand my ground on the rest.

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