Thursday, February 28, 2008

Systems ahoy

So ive done it. Ive finally done it. What did i do you may ask? To put it quite simply, i bought a new computer.

Now im mostly one for designing and building my own but for some reason i jsut was never getting around to ordering the parts. Until a massivly sweet deal for one, came up like the scent of a good fresh cinnamon roll, and i couldn't resist.

Intel Q6600 Quadcore 2.4GHz (per core)
2GB Corsair RAM
320GB 7200RPM HDD(i think its seagate, judging by a quick glance at the design of it)
Litescribe DVD Burner
Black HP Pavivioncase with removable HDD tray (no Mobo tray but thisll do)
300watt power supply
on board video (bleck)
Vista Home Premium OEM

the processor by itself makes up for the majority of that price, and its a great starting base to start improving upon.

Im looking into buying an XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition 512MB video card. It should be pretty sweet once its ready to go, im super super stoked.


Thats all thats really happened to me in the past day or so. I cant wait to get the bastard hooked up and ready to fly. :)

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