Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Ok so VBlogging may be out of the question for now. It appears Playstation 3's EyeCreate software for the Playstation Eye encodes MP4s, which isn't exactly a problem, but it encodes MP4s in a completely different and alien way to most MP4s, and those MP4s are not supported by video editing software, and much to my dismay, nor most MP4 converters.
Its a pity too because i went through so much trouble getting the vlog to my computer. See i only have a 1GB MicroSD, i also have a MicroSD USB Stick for the computer and one of those bigger cases for regular memory cards so i can stick it in my PS3. When i recorded the video it ran about 29minutes long, and this went just above 1.2GB of video.
This wouldn't fit. So using EyeCreates primitive toosl i had to split the video, and reexport one segment and do the same procedure to the other segment but id have to split it again, otherwise it jsut joins the two together and, bleh. It was jsut trivial. Each piece ende dup being about 600MB so i cleared off my microsd and transfered both videos to my system, jsut to have my computer spill errors at me saying the video is unsupported thanks to some header information or something.


So i was looking through one of those promotional deals papers from Future Shop and saw a fantastic deal: 42" Toshiba LCD 1080p Flatpanel wallmountable TV, for jsut $999 in Canadian Dollars. I said to myself "Self, this is a fantastic deal, you should mull about it for the next 2 hours figuring out whether its a good purchase or not. Tonight". So after some meandering around the house, chatting it up about spending money practically with my mother, and generally just causing myself more confusion and cloudy thought than the situation ought to be, i gathered up my friend Peter and drove to futureshop.
You know those Salesmen type right? Their like auctioneers trying to pull your arm and twist your thoughts and his words to sort of gel and mesh with each other to cloud your judgment further on already shady and expensive purchases by trying to make you buy the bigger better model "for only a smidgen more"? Ya. Except this guy was Italian with a thick accent, and also sounded like an auctioneer. Surely enough because I'm a giant pussy when it comes to discussions over how i should spend my hard earned canadian dollar, i let him not onyl bend my ear, but twist my spine around the other direction, to the fr superior model, having called the one i was originally after "a giant steaming pile of shit, in comparison". Honestly, any 1080p television would have been good enough for me, but no, this one had a GAME MODE! WHOOOO!
Long story short: yeah he sold me. I went with the more expensive model. And tried to maintain my posture and awareness to discuss how one could possibly finance this beast. Apparently i needed to sign up for a Futureshop card and all that. Its LIKe a credit card but only works at Futureshop. Meh, whatever works.

I was rejected.

Apparently im still in the black from some credit hsitory, apparent job stability and a great yearly income mean dick all to credit companies.

Oh well, guess ill just have to suffer with my ginormous 480i television built right into a wooden cabinet. And suffer as i stare at each pixel like their the size of Atari.

Guess ill go buy a webcam tonight or something.


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