Monday, February 25, 2008

Ramblings: Ugh...

Well this weekend was... bad. Saturday was such a terrible day as a whole. Not that anything truly BAD or anything happened but i jsut felt like CRAP the whole day. My back immediately started hurting the moment i woke up, leaving me bed ridden till the afternoon. So to pass the time i played some Phoenix Wright 2. Ill get to Apollo Justice soon enough. But when i got up my back still hurt, however i got up anyways.

its at this point any normal sane person probably would have downed a couple pain killers, ohh but not me, as per my usual dumbass self: i completely forgot about that possibility. So i suffered through it.
The bad back issue is something thats been with me for a few years now, but its only really bothered me if i dont sit ergonomically correct for more than 1 minute. To put some light on how bad it is: Everytime i bend my back backwards a bit to sit up straight, or even if straighten my shoulders back or anything of the sort, my back cracks.
Never fails.

I need to see a Chiropractor, and ive BEEN saying this for many a year but no day has ever been more apparent than Saturday so im going to schedule an appointment REALLY soon.

The bad back pretty much killed any productivity i wanted to expell that day, as i felt insanely discouraged. Even if i wanted to do something, my attention would not have been on my work, but my back. Thus: shite quality, and because im a perfectionist to myself lately, i would have wasted the entire day, say, drawing a finger till it looks right.

A good night sleep helped the WHOLE situation. Enter Sunday.

Sunday wasn't exactly the best day for productivity either. Sunday is the new day we set aside to record the Crash Without Recovery podcast, instead homework hit everyone so no one got together for it until around 2PM. When everyone got there we were waiting on one more person, who, didn't end up showing due purely to homework. Damn school.
Byt the time we stopped waiting it was 4PM or 5 or so, i cant honestly remember. So we decided to order Pizza and watch Shooter.
After that was done, it was 8PM and no one felt up to recording. So we made a decision to record on Tuesday, lol.

So we staye dup playing COD4 until 11:30PM. Then we disbanded.

I got NOTHING done this weekend. im quite dissapointed in myself. But i guess we all need an inadvertantly unproductive weekend at some point or another.

Till next time,


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