Friday, September 5, 2008

Blah its been 2 flogging weeks?!

My oh my time flies by when your busy as all hell.

hats been up with me? For anyone who reads this... lol

The deal is sealed, i get to spend my Sunday on the 14th Moving to ym new place with the aid of my mother, my little brother Stephen, and Jami. In the mean time my rooms become a giant mess as i find terribly little motivation to try and maintain with my last few days left at the house. Seriously, only 9 more days, and im super frigging stoked!

Ive been visiting DeviantArt lately with an unhealthy obsession, but ive managed to do something while doing so. Ive managed to get hired for the *Armed-Anthros club as a Reforming and PR Director, to try and bring the dying club back from the dead. Its amazing what a little portfolio can do (*maggot-corps anyone ;]). I havent done much with the club at press time besides write alot in my notebook for potential changes and future activities, but i have a good feeling about this one, and my only credential for getting hired is that they should see an activity increase, as long as more than 2 people partake in the next contest, ive done my job successfully :)

Speaking of DA, im attending this months Kelowna DeviantArtists DevMeet, apparently theres Lazer tag and hanging out involved haha im pretty stoked to meet some new people!

I dont have much else to say other than check out these sweet YouTUbe Vids, this time with a much overdue Dark Knight theme to it.

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