Monday, September 15, 2008

The new place

last night was a busy one, i dont even recall doing very much but heres how it goes:
1. Watched the last half of Season 2 of The Office (us version)
2. Drove, from K-town to Westbank to Summerland to Westbank again
3. Dismantled my entire room
4. Reassembled in a new location
5. Hotrigged and retrofitted all things up now called "The Entertainment Center", i have all my consoles hooked up and ready to play at a given moments notice:
- Sega Genesis
- Sega Saturn
- Sega Dreamcast
- Super Nintendo
- Nintendo Wii
- Sony Playstation 3
- Microsoft Xbox 360

its pretty sweet, now i jsut gotta get this damne duniversal remote powered up via some sweet sweet AAA action in order to get the Input button to work to enter AV cable display mode :p

aside form the living arranges are actually pretty fucking sweet, theres not much more i can really say other than: YES! Peace and Quiet!

im about to play some S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear SKy when i get home, but first i gotta lay down some carpet :)

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