Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Journey: Press Start to Begin

Starting now, i am about to embark on a brand new adventure, and adventure detailing things ive never tried before, an adventure into something that feels comfortable, yet, scary.

Being a wannabe Game Designer ive had it in my best interest to try and create a game in my mind that id both enjoy playing, and enjoy making. Its a frivilous balance as there's always good and bad and the appeal level is always up in the air. Being also a wannabe Games Animator i have the sole intent on doing my absolute best in beleivable virtual acting while maintaining smooth transitions. the art of manipulating graph lines is a fine one and one that i take particular pride in.

Ill be the first to admit, im not awesome at either. But this is where the journey begins.

Ive teamed up with an old friend of mine who specializes in modeling and texturing. My part of this two man commando team is Animation and Scripting. Hes also got most mapping while i tackle project management and exporting. The idea is not to be overrun with eachothers duties, but rather dabble in everything as its needed, so it should be an interesting development model when we have no real set plan other than "just get it done" and "babysteps" heh
Together we handle the games design, and decide on the technology. So far it looks like well be starting with the TGE (Torque Game Engine) as its cheap and easy, after working with thsi for a while we hope to integrate Havok Physics and Animation, if not then thats ok too, later on when we feel were confident and the beta releases prove positive, we plan to upgrade to the TAGE (Torque Advanced Game Engine) which basically enables shader support and allows us to make our game look modernized.

The product in said development is officially 'unannounced' at press time, but please, keep on watching this blog for little updates here and there as im sure im going to leak out information. I kind of already did if you look into this post enough.

Thats it for now before Kris kills me!


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