Sunday, July 6, 2008

A first time for Anything

Later today, im about to witness one thing i didn;t actually expect to be doing for at least another few years. But here it is.

No one would know that im talking about a good friend of mines Wedding. I never blogged about it or really talked about it in any sense because i still cant beleive its happening. Even as i sit her ein my chair, im oblivious to how my friend is feeling right now because, well, ive never had to do this before.
Im not actually DOING anything thee, im purly just a witness on Ryans side. But im still nervous as hell. Why is that?

Anyways i gotta get to Kelowna sometime this morning to pick up my dress shirt (or buy a new one) and tie.

I still cant beleive it, one of my friends is getting married. The first one as well (if you havent gathered that already). Thisll be an interesting experience for all of us involved i think.

Well Ryan, ill see ya at the ceremony :) . Ill blog about how it went, because i know ill be looking for things to note about, being as i dont have an actual Camera to my name >_>

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