Monday, July 7, 2008

A first time for anything part 2

The deed is done. My good friend Ryan has finally gotten himself a wife, the lovely Christine. They're actually a good couple and everytime i see them together (which admittedly isn't exactly often) the chi flows smoothly.

The wedding was very nice, i showed up directly at 10 to 3 (the wedding started at 3) and had enough time to find a seat before watching the hour long ceremony. Watching my friend become married was an experience. But the moment he said "i do" to his new wife, it hit me like a sledgehammer in the chest, not because i was emotional about the whole thing (its the manly thing to say while i sit here and blog at 12AM), but because it made me realize, thats pretty much exactly what i want to.
Ive never actually understood why men get cold feet when it comes to marriage, ive never understood why an adult male becomes so freaked out at the thought of a wife and kids, i guess its just me. Ive always wanted that, ever since i was a kid. That being said, im a giant chicken when it comes to conversing with prospective women. I dunno it jsut happens, i struggle to find somehting to say, awkward silence happens, and suddenly im boring the other person to death. I want to meet a nice gamer chick who is also single. Ive met plenty of gamer chicks and always find the conversations entertaining, but theyre never single. Oh well, ill find something soon.

So after the wedding were told the reception time and place and i think "This woujld eb a perfect time to run home and blog about what jsut happened" of course id be locked out of my house so i decided to meander around Penticton instead. Grabbed me an Ice Capp and travelled all around place. I know with these gas prices its getting harder and harder to jsutify cruising, but i didn't care, it felt nice. Eventually i found my way by the mall, and i saw the PetCetera store to my left, so i thought id go check out the dogs for adoption area. Of course its jsut cats, im told i need to go to the SPCA to see the dogs. And of course theyd be closed on a Sunday, oh well. So i ran to the Mall and went to CDPlus and found the new Disturbed album, i dunno, nothing about the contents of the CD has stood out to me so far, but then i was barely paying attention. I was too busy daydreaming about owning a dog for myself, and traveling around with them in the car (as i see everyone else frickin doing, sparking the day dreaming).
I went o the mall again to kill off the remaining hour of wait, and i found my way to EB games. Lookin sharp in my new jeans, hair, sunglasses, etc. I picked up the PS3 controller and played Battlefiled Bad Company. The WHOLE time im playing this beast, these three kids on a bench about 17 feet away, stood there. Occassionally i could hear them cough out "PS3" and a loud "I WANNA PLAY THE PS3". All the while im rolling my eyes. Im not gonna give it up if they think whining about it or giving not so subtle hints behind my back is going to win them. So i kept playing, and they kept wining. Fourty-Five minutes pass of course, and theyre STILL behind me. Ill give em kudos for determination. So while im totally not doing the right thing in BFBC and im being all sneaky and accurate and doing the game on Hard with ease, i finally set a bomb off undernethe me to set me back to the checkpoint, (on purpose) and put the controller down. I then start walking away and i see the kids run up to it. First thing i hear is "how do i play this" meanwhile the fucktard jumped on the SECOND controller port.
Fucking. N00bs.
So i stood and watched and it was a trainwreck, but i couldn't continue laughing ast their shitty performance any longer, i had to go to the reception. So i told the kid "to blow up a wall, stand next to it and fire a rocket at it" promptly killing himself, i laughed and left.

At the reception, i was a little shakey, stiff, and nervous. I was at a party where i knew NO ONE but the groom, the wife, and the grooms good friend (and my friend) Joe. Thats it. Everyone else was a new face to me.
So naturally im a little intimidated, i wanna meet some people and have a good time but i cant muster up the gumption to do anything about it. Eventually this Jeff guy beside me noted theres a bar right beside us, and because the reception was to be alcohol free, we decided to make a getaway to the Bar for a drink and return back. I followed, i met up with my good friend Pierre Smirnoff, had a good time, and made my way back to the reception. The drink, loosened me up something fierce. I wasn't drunk, nor wa si in a haze, i just felt alot more confident about my actions and how little i cared about what others thought. Now i knew i needed to drive home so i stopped drinking right then and there and since ive been gulping down Water like were running out of it tommorrow or something.
Danced, talked it up, made a fool out of myself once or twice in small concentrated groups, got some nice shots with Joe and Ryan,, and i stayed till the end of the party.

Ok, that last part has some significance. To anybody who has ever partied with ME, knows i have a nasty habbit of cutting out early. And for various reasons but msotly jsut caus eim not necessarily feeling it. Im not club hopper, i dont go to bars very often, and even house parties i go to bed early at. Im not a partier (which also explains why i dont exactly know how to chat up random women :p), so i always duck out. I stayed til the end opf this one, and i wont lie, i even thought about going home around 10PM, but then somethin happened: i realized i was having fun, so i didn't cut out at my projected time. Instead i left when i realized everyone else had left, and i said my congrats and 'seeyalaters' to Ryan and Christine.

In short, it was a good day for sure.

Man its so crazy, my friend is married... i still dont know what to think about that lol. Oh well.

Conratulations Ryan and Christine! Congratulations :) and thanks for a wonderful night from me :)


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