Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ramblings: Scary guy was scary

I was driving home from work yesterday when i came to an intersection like any intersection. Except at this intersection was something of likes which isn't entiely new or anything but was kinda freaky all the same.

This guy had to have been maybe 29 or so, fairly adult gentleman. He had green hair. A Mohawk with spikes liek the picture to the right, except each spike was fricking GINORMOUS. I SWEAR to god each spike was about arms LENGTH. They were HUUUGE. Now only that but he wore a spiked collar and chain leash. The leash, he was holding himself as if he was 'walking himself' or something. He wore a pure black wifebeater and black slacks about 14 sizes too big (but unlike the G-unit trend, at least he wore a belt to keep the pants up). i couldn't see the shoes, nor wouold i have rely been able to as i was in my car. K, thats not all, he wore ring piercings on the side of his mouth, in his nose, and on both eyebrows.

K, so in Canadian culture, most of this is normal run-of-the-mill rebel stuff. The things that really caught my asttention were the huge spikes and the 29yo less-then-perfect physique. What was it that creeped me out? He glared at me, and me specifically. He watched my car make the stop at the red light, and he stared directly at me in my driver seat. He then GROWLED at me in a manner i could hear with my eyes, and his fricking EYES TWITCHED.
He kept staring at me the entire time he walked in front of my car as he crossed the intersection. When he got to the other side he turned and left.

I was worried he was going to pounce on my car or something, to say the least it sorta left me shaken. Why me?
Im in a white 1992 Dodge Daytona, all that can be seen of me is my black t-shirt, my backwards black UnderArmor baseball cap, and my shades. Theres nothing to catch the eye of in regards to me that day.

Anyways, just thought id share caus ei got nothing else better to say.


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  1. your a fucking douche bag .. who gives a shit what people look like? its assholes like you who center out those who don't want to look like every other fucking robot on this earth .. i got a fucking 18 inch mohawk .. wanna write a blog about that? or the fact that its blue! people like you are the reason why we fucking growl or bitch because you just center us out for being who we want to be! .. fucking dyke!