Monday, June 2, 2008

Ramblings: Come my pet... lets hunt some chicken things...

Dear Lord. I think my friend should work as a car salesman. He could convince me to buy a brand new corvette just because it has better air conditioning than a Plymouth Caravelle. Throughout all my hatrid and avoiding of this title for the THIRD TIME, ive been CONVINCED, nay, SOLD, into buying it, AGAIN. I am of course, referring to World of Warcraft.

This time im trying it from a different angle. What? oh hohohoh, no, im not Alliance. Im still Horde for Life Yo. But this alternate angle is: Ill be playing with friends. And my little brother. Rather than just strangers trying to tranform me from my Straight sexual status to something else entirely (more on that at a later date). Im also going to be trying something new in regards to what im going to do. Can you guess?
Well if your savvy with your eyes youll see this picture ive embedded into my post. it is of a Tauren Hunter. ive chosen to be this class as its somethign entirely different from how ive normally played these memorpeges. I usually end up being an offensive spell caster, usually of the Instantaneous and Status altering kind but ive been known to dabble in DOTs as well.
But ive only also ever played as Undead in WoW before, so this Tauren race is also a brand new experience. For my entire existance in wow before this one, ive been subjected to the ultra stylized undead world of my characters Phosphorus the Warlock and Xiraph the Mage on Khaz'Modan. So i felt with this server switch to join my friends and family, i felt an entire change is in order as well. From setting to gameplay style, this will all be a new experience to me from the get go. This wont be the same Wow ive experienced 2 times prior. And that in of itself, is actually kind of exciting.

Im still a little leary, and i only bought WoW for the CD key, i haven't gotten burning Cruisade and im not to on the up and up regarding that Litch King expansion on the horizon either. I have my free month, i have the game. Im giving it ONE more go, if i do NOT enjoy what im doing THIS time, then im doomed from MMORPGs forever, and thats that.

So, say hi to Tarexzen the Tauren Hunter of Ner'zhul

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