Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Immmm BAAAAAaaaack!

So as you may (or may not have noticed) my domain name expired, therefor i couldn't do anything with the site till that was renewed. While it could have been attended to and dealt with quicker, better now than if my domain expired for too long and some ad company snatched it up. Much like my beloved blackjaguarstudios.com :( R.I.P.

So after all is said and done, i now have a place i can stash my thoughts.

Also dont forget that my DeviantArt is my home on the internet, this being just a random place for random things for me to jot down when im bored.

So, E3 is coming back to normal eh? About bloody time i must say. After 2 full years of being the joke of the industry, and the punching bag for everyone on the internet, i guess it would be smart to bring back what wasn't broke in the first place.
They originally scaled it down because small developers were whining their asses off about not getting enough coverage comapred to the bigger companies, so the board members went and cut down all but media access and choice developers. What resulted was a snore fest and the smaller copanies STILL getting no coverage.
All for naught m'afraid.
Heres to a happy June '09 when we welcome back the giant party and celebration it used to be! *raises glass*
I hope by the time it rolls around ill have established myself as someone important enough to qualify entrance past the bouncers, going to LA in June would be sweet, and then over to Pittsburge for AnthroCon in July. Thatd be intense... if anything i guess i just watch GameSpot and GameTrailers again for my coverage of E3. Not IGN, god no, im not willing to poison myself over not going and im not that desperate.

on another note, Ben Croshaw is still awesome.

oh ya and this is pretty badass i must say

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