Thursday, October 2, 2008

Houston? We have a Crysis!

Hey everyone,

so i finally ran out and grabbed Crysis, for a particular reason which i wont get into right now, id prefer this news be just a little more solid before i say anything further. For better or worse ill divulge what im talking about in a week or so

Also, Kane and Lynch is actually a really good game. Bought it ages back, never bothered with it. Installed it on a whim of boredom, and i couldn't shut it off. Sure its got its faults, but it does so many things well they're easy to forgive,a nd never cripple the experience.

I also reinstalled XFire,
Ive been updating with screenshots and videos, ill post some here

first he vids: < Kane and Lynch: Swatting an Noisy Fly < Crysis: a Real Long Sleep < Crysis: Rambo Style

and now some choice screenies

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