Sunday, November 2, 2008

a little change in direction

Ok so a while back i was picked up by LukeWarm Media for development on project LightSpire, a CryEngine2 mod with commercial purposes in mind.
After about a month of struggling and trying to fit myself into the pipeline, ive finally reached a boiling point. Personally, i dont think the quality of my animation could match up to what the project is looking for. I know the knowledge and technical knowhow, but im still green. And green is where i shall remain for now.

Putting things into perspective, if i want to animate, i want to be good. I couldn't live with myself passing off mediocre quality to my boss(es). So in the near future i plan on attending one more school, this time the online Animation Mentor, hopefully to quell my technical boundry of knowing somethings wrong, but not being able to come up with a good solution to fill the gap. Id like to be the type of person who can find nuances and fix them with ease. Also some general overall practices would be ideal.

So for now, im putting aside my dream of working on assets for a game company, instead shifting focus towards being a Website Infrastructure Programmer and Community Manager for a future promising game company.
No doubt the work i do will look nice on my resume, and with my current job in the eLearning Industry for about 3 years as an Actionscript Programmer / Technical Assistant / and Troubleshooting Specialist, ive pretty much solidified the fact i can get hired into a web design firm for something, from HTML to PHP/MySQL and Actionscript. Hell im willing to learn new things like Java in order to make websites work nicely. I wont learn ASP though, fuck that.

Working on the website(s) for both the company and game site, is a different kind of work for instance I still need direction from the main guy behind it all, but i get my freedom back. Its far less demanding on my stress levels, and i look forward to making the best damn sites i can make.
Not my preferred industry, but its my second preferred. Which is alot more than i can say about eLearning.

Who knows, maybe im not cut out to be an animator, and ive just been kidding myself this whole time. Maybe website programming is my call and im just trying to deny it. I generally think the work ive done for animation has been some pretty good stuff, especially for the little amount of training i ever got with the subject, and how green i still am about it all. I still get compliments all the time from random people and people i know alike,

i dunno, im a little 'lost with a sense of direction' if that makes any sense whatsoever.

maybe ill continue to work on my machinima projects on the side...

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  1. I think you are crazy. Because your a amazing animator with a lot of heart, and you can do anything you put your mind to. You just need to relax.. and not be so hard on yourself It takes people many years to be "perfect" No one is perfect though and you will find getting your hands dirty in the work and working with a team by your side can help bring out the best in you.