Friday, May 9, 2008

Ramblings: What happens in Vegas..

I really dont know how to describe my experience with Vegas 2 other than "HolycrapwtfbbqDIDyouSEETHATOMGAWESOME!"
that should at least sum up my feelings in a nutshell. me and good fragging buddy Cole, hit up the PC Bang the other day on a whim and played up some COD4 and was in the middle of wiping newbs all over the floor when someone told us we should give Vegas 2 a shot. Me and cole likening tacticalness to a large degree, plus with a keen interest on weapons and counter-terrorism, we thought "meh, why not".

The experience was nothing short of stellar, and i think i can speak for me and cole here when i say: This is a game we've been waiting for, for years. A game where, it doesn't matter the tactic, as long as theres strong communication you'll survive, you just got to HAVE a tactic that isn't running and gunning. And not being a pussy helps too.
using the environment to your advantage is an absolute must and cover must be taken. I cant tell you or stress enough how awesome the feeling is when you come out of a massive firefight alive, with your buddy, without dying. Or the LeapFrog tactic of one dude checking corners and giving the all clear to move up, and they do the same.
theres also nothing quite like rappelling a wall and coordinating with your buddy by hanging upside down, with Raging Bull's, and taking out each target in perfect synch.

the game definitely has a great synnergy and a great balance between challenge and difficulty that make the game a must for any hardcore tactical counter-terrorism nut.

i whole heartedly approve :)

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